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Landlords: Isn’t it time for your agent to deliver on promises?

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As you know, properties are a long term investment. But it’s vital things are kept under control here and now. The problem is properties and tenants create challenges which test your time, money and patience.

All too often you’re let down by agents who don’t give you the service you deserve. You’re not told what’s going on in your properties. And problems take far too long to sort out. As a landlord with other work and business interests, you have better things to do right? So at The Property Tree in Palmers Green, we like to do things differently. We look after properties across north, east and west London.

From one-off services like helping you find the right tenant or introducing and negotiating with cash investors, to collecting rent, managing your property and providing ongoing support: We keep you informed, in-charge and your property portfolio growing. Whether you’re selling or renting, we deliver a service that fits the bill. We’re just what you’ve been looking for. So call in an agent with over 20 years’ experience as a landlord. You get responsive and trustworthy support that saves you time, hassle and keeps your property in safe hands. Whatever your goals and whatever your property, we have a service to match your needs.

“I always check to see if agents know about the industry and understand the market. Kyriakos certainly knows his stuff. So many agents don’t deliver on their promises. The Property Tree does deliver and I’m always given the right service. I find Kyriakos really helpful because he gives me feedback. A lot of this is about communication and we always work together to respond to issues if and when they come up.”

George C,45, Landlord, January 2016.

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