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About us

We don’t just understand landlords. We are landlords. That’s how we built our business.

Do you want a sales, lettings and property management agent that…

Recognises your properties are a business with long-term commercial aims?
Is headed by a landlord with over 20 years’ experience?
Is approved and accredited by leading regulators and standards bodies in the UK’s property industry?
Sees over half of its clients return for repeat business?

That’s what this sales, lettings and property management agent offers you. And there’s more…

Too many estate agents promise you the earth. They’ll gladly take their commission. But when problems crop up, they don’t deliver for you. Too many agents are not doing their jobs properly for you and getting rewarded for it.

So after years of watching from the sidelines, as a frustrated landlord, we decided to do something about it. At The Property Tree we give investors like you, the service you expect.

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Not your typical agent

With us you won’t be a spectator in the battle for attention, caught between agents who don’t care and tenants who haven’t paid rent. You won’t be caught out by unexpected Council charges and high maintenance costs.

The Property Tree are agents with a difference. We’ve grown by using useful tools, smart services and outstanding professionalism.

Everything we do is based on the needs we see every day from our clients. We started in 2011 from a small office with a list of contacts. Today, we work with dozens of landlords and investors.

Yet our mission has never changed: Whether selling, renting or managing your properties, we’ll give you the tools you need to make the role of landlord hassle free.

Our story

It’s worth telling you a bit about us. With nearly two decades worth of experience as a landlord, Kyriakos Loizides realised that no matter how many properties landlords own, they all face similar challenges. One of the main problems was a lack of trust in agents. A lack of trust about the true cost of managing and maintaining properties. A lack of trust about getting rent paid on time. A lack of trust in agents keeping a watchful eye on your properties.

“The motivation to set up The Property Tree came when I saw business landlords were not treated fairly. I realised how lucky I am to have the experience and knowledge to deal with the challenges of letting my own properties. You want the right tenants. You want problems dealt with promptly. You want to keep your property in good condition. But you don’t want to be interrupted every Sunday afternoon with minor problems. I understand what people are going through when renting properties.”

Your rent collected and your properties safe

The sales and lettings industry has been a competitive one for as long as we can remember. Today, the competition has never been more fierce. But we believe it’s about taking the long term approach. It’s about doing the right thing for your investment. It’s about sorting out the problems that can take up so much of your time and cost you too much money. We’ll do this together in an open and honest way. Time after time.

Get the most from your property investment. Call us now on: 020 8882 8680

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